vampesque commissions

Please click and read my terms of service before you start.
status: limited during Oct.
(Icons/Sketches available for the month)
Send me a message (twitter or email) if you'd like to be in a waitlist for other listings.


Send a request via kofi commisio OR email, where I will send you a paypal invoice.

Client name is abbreviated for your privacy! Will also be removed once final assets have been submitted and accepted. The names are listed by date received. Smaller/simpler pieces will be finished quicker :-)

  • D(complex): sketch / lining / flats / rendering / complete

  • S(complex): sketch / lining / flats / rendering / complete

  • F(couple): sketch / lining / flats / rendering / complete

  • (Oct. batch pending)

(last updated: April 2021)

Will do: Fanart and OCs
I will not do: anthro/furry, mecha, porn, hateful imagery, NFTs
Real people are okay as long as you are fine with them being stylized!
Partial nudity and mild body horror/gore is also fine.
Updates on your commission will be sent during the weekdays (usually).
You can also request to be put in a waitlist!

Personal use only.
The time zone I live in is PST.
Commissions will be open twice a month; USUALLY once during the beginning of the month, and second during the middle of the month (around the third week). For the first batch I will take 7 slots and 3 extra if I'm able to; the same will go for the second batch.
One person can claim a total of 3 slots, but keep in mind others that want it too!

• Full visual refs (can be uploaded on docs, imgur, etc). Include different angles especially that correspond to to a specific pose if you have one. Real photos, as well as doodles can help too! :-)
• Please send clear pictures without any different lighting that alters the base colors. A color palette or hex color codes is Greatly encouraged.
• short, bulleted descriptions help me better to read/visualize the character.
• Please make sure to have everything ready at the start, including all the minor details that I would have to draw.

Additional info, if you have them: expressions, character names, preferred background colors, color palette/hex swatches, deadline (minimum 2 weeks, EXCLUDING bigger pieces such as couple, complex, ref sheets. I cannot guarantee a short deadline for those).
I will draw exactly what you send me. If you have any altercations please let me know beforehand.

There will be a chance that I will share your commission with a watermark (watermark only if it's an original character to prevent theft). Let me know if you don't want your commission to be shared (or remind me in case I've forgotten).


Work outline: Sketch, WIP update at 50%, Complete! You can also check my work board for minor updates.
Please do NOT ask for a progress shot and wait until I show it to you myself.
I might send you a preview of the final piece before I send in the final link to the complete piece; specify if you'd like a preview or not.
Updates are usually sent biweekly.

Completion: Located in the specific listing. If anything comes up, such as technical issues and etc, I will let you know. Understand that I like to draw on my own at times.

Payment is upfront. Once payment is received, I will contact you to let you know if I've accepted your commission. After getting confirmation, I will send a rough sketch within a few days and discuss whatever is to your liking. Afterwards, I will send you an update to see if everything looks well so far. I will only do minor tweaking here!
I will only accept refunds during the rough sketch phase. If I can't do the commission for any reason, I will refund you within 5 days via paypal and let you know via contact info.

For those who are contacted via DM, I'll be sending you a link to your finished work. After a long period of time, it will be deleted so that I can free up space, but if you would like for me to reupload them, let me know!

You're allowed to repost your commission as long as you credit me.
Do not trace my commission and claim my work as your own.
Do not remove/crop out my signature if you use the whole picture.

One final note: please keep in mind that I'm susceptible to carpal tunnel and burnouts. I also keep track of multiple clients, so I might forget things too. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I've missed your message! (Twitter DMs have eaten messages/notifs before as well!)
Your patience is greatly appreciated! ;_;

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to DM or email me!


sketches done with pencil or ink pens.


icon, bust, portrait, full body pictures. done in usual style or oil paint style


things that spend more time to make.


two characters!


custom, ref sheets

sketch examples

pencil sketch $15

Done with pencil tool. Can send a rough outline if needed/wanted.
These are usually done as busts, but let me know if you'd like something else otherwise! I work with grey backgrounds but finished drawing will be white.
Estimated time of completion: <2 weeks

ink sketch $20

Different pen than the pencil sketch (G pen). Can send a rough outline if needed/wanted.
These are usually done as busts, but let me know if you'd like something else otherwise! I work with grey backgrounds but finished drawing will be white.
Estimated time of completion: <2 weeks

lines $25

Clean lines; gray or white background. Please specify if you'd like it in a bust, full body, etc
Estimated time of completion: <2 weeks

colored examples

icon $30

Size: 1000x1000px. Cropped at the head to show off the face.
Will include transparent bg as well!
Estimated time of completion: <2-3 weeks

bust $40

Cut off around chest, shoulders.
Plain colored bg. Transparent bg included as well!
Estimated time of completion: <2-3 weeks

full body
base price: $45

Standard standing pose. Please check add-ons for more detailed characters!
Will include a transparent background version.
Estimated time of completion: <4 weeks

base price: $50

Waist up portraiture.
Simple-styled background.
Estimated time of completion: <1 month

oil paint brush (new!)
base price: $40

Portrait format only! No full bodies (for now).
Done with an oil brush, mimicking a quick painterly style.
Estimated time of completion: <3-5 weeks

complex examples

base price: $60

Something that's more worked on. Will take a bit longer. Imagine dramatic lighting and broody characters.
One character only.
Estimated time of completion: ~1 Month

couple examples

base price: $70

Feel free to explain pose ideas/mood of the drawing.
Plain background.

no romantic minor+adult couples or incest
Estimated time of completion: ~1 month


custom design (full body or other)
base price: $65

I create a character for you! :^) This is where you write or piece together pieces about a character that doesn't have a design. Please include as many detailed descriptions/images as you can in a doc! Mood boards are accepted as well.
Estimated time of completion: <4-5 weeks

Ref Sheet
base price: $100

Full ref sheet will include: front and back standard standing pose, color palette, 3 expression icons (300x300px), side profile, and 3 character's accessories/items in the format similar to my example. Full size is 2800 x 2400px.
The side profile can be changed to something else; additional details can be included as well (look at the example image if it helps make sense).
Text WON'T be included, but if you want, let me know what you'd like. The more specific the more it helps me!
You are also free to decorate/add extras after it is complete as you wish :-)

Estimated time of completion: <1-2 months